Сравнение редакций vCenter Operations

Сравнение редакций vCenter Operations. Standard, Advanced, Enterprise.

Vmware vCenter


Standard Advanced Enterprise
Target Environment vSphere (up to 500 VMs) vSphere Heterogeneous
Performance Management
Alerting and Visualization
Consolidated Health dashboard
Actionable health scores & KPIs
Top N priority views
Self learning behavior
Dynamic Thresholds
Early warning visualizations
Predictive 'Smart' Alerts
Alert lifecycle mgmt
Custom alerts
Email & SNMP notifications
Analysis & Troubleshooting
1 click root-cause dashboard w/ KPI history
Impact detection (Health trees)
Behavioral performance/workload analysis
Multiple KPI anomaly correlation
Contextual event overlays
HeatMap library
Cross Team views & enablement
Role based access & SSO
Actionable operator views
Problem isolation tools
Report by Custom Groups
vSphere awareness
Multi vCenter support
Integrated into vSphere Client
vSphere Inventory & dependency aware
Support for Reservations & Limits
Capacity Management
Capacity Awareness
Past, present, future capacity summaries
Current capacity bottlenecks
Future capacity shortfall notifications
Alerts on capacity conditions
Schedulable Capacity Reports
Report across multiple vCenters
Capacity Optimization
Analyze & trend resource wastage
Identify over-allocated, idle VMs
Identify under-utilized hosts, clusters
Identify waste from snapshots, templates, orphaned VMs
Recommendations to reclaim resources
Recommendations to rightsize
Capacity Planning & Forecasting
Estimate remaining capacity
Estimate time remaining to full capacity
Forecast demand & supply
Trend Utilization vs demand
Trend Utilization and allocation
Replenishment recommendations
Interactive What-if modeling
Support for vSphere storage
Support for Peak usage
Support for Business time zones
Cross Team views & enablement
Role based access & SSO
Actionable operator views
Report by Custom Groups
Infra. utilization trend views for Upper mgmt
Supply forecast for provider teams: Storage, Network, Build
Usage & Optimization views for LOB
Cloud capacity reports for Provider & Tenants
Report customization
vSphere awareness
Integrated into vSphere Client
vSphere Inventory & dependency aware
Support for vCloud objects(vDCs)
Support for Thin Provisioning
Support for Reservations & Limits
Support for Linked Clones
Support for HA, FT
Configuration & Compliance Management
Configuration Visibility
Configuration and change visibility
Centralized dashboards
Out of box Reports
Change alerts
Continuous Compliance
Guest Compliance
Host Compliance
vCenter Compliance
Standard Regulatory compliance (SOX, HIPAA, DISA, ISO, BASEL II, PCI DSS, NIST)
Custom policy compliance
Automated compliance violation detection
Compliance remediation recommendations
Compliance remediation automation
Automated Provisioning and Patching
Manage OS distribution centrally
Discover new systems, build/deploy via PXE
Provision ESX/ESXi to «bare metal»
Provision OS to bare metal & VMs
Build and deploy software packages (Windows)
Connect to compliance policies
Automatically detect missing software
Remediate non-compliant systems
Distributed software repository
Cross Team Views & enablement
Role based access control
Active Directory integration


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